Timing Belts

Professional Timing Belt Replacements

Regularly Replace Your Timing Belt

Your vehicle's timing belt should be replaced at regular intervals. It is generally recommended that timing belts are replaced every 60,000 - 105,000 miles. However, you should check your owner's manual to see what your manufacturer recommends. Roy's Auto Repair can replace timing belts for almost all makes and models.

Timing Belts and Engine Components

Whether you have an interference or non-interference engine, we can replace the timing belt with a brand new one. You can trust us to replace the water pump, belt tensioner and pulley as well. If any of these parts fail, it can cause serious problems with your engine, including a potential breakdown.

Financing Available

Roy's Auto Repair offers you zero percent financing for six months (if you qualify).  The warranty for these services are 24-month, 24,000-mile warranty.
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